Cherry MX-Black switches are linear [non-tactile] switches, these are considered one of the best switch types for gaming. When gaming, these switches do not required fully type in to give a response. The keyboard would keep giving response to the computer, in gaming, you would move and command much faster and smoother than common keyboards. Also, mechanical keyboard switches delivers concrete typing feeling which gives you a solid control.
During PC battles,even a tiny discrepancy of the control could leads to death or losing.Therefore,to reduce inconsistency,Zpher introduces SPEED control due to the game performance is highly related to response time and polling rate.Speed control has different color LEDs indicating different response time and polling rate respectively.different combination suits different players.KM-112provides 9 choices of combinations for better performance.
While you are immensely having your battle,you would probably type without seeing the keys.Therefore it causes a great trouble if you type the wrong key,especially the 'Win'key.You would exit the control totally and lag for lethally length of time.This is the reason why 'Win' short cut key,right next to 'Alt',exists.
Backlight illumination On/Off lighting option make darkness your ally.While your enemies fiddle in the shadows,commad precision and take hold of their fate with backlight illumination on the TeamScorpion ZERO.MECHANIC.With the right keys lit up,you can always be sure of your next move.
It is a difficulty to type correctly at night, so Zpher brings backlit illumination. Backlit illumination On/Off lighting option as your ally in darkness. While your enemies fiddle in shadows, command precision and take hold of their fate with backlit illumination on the Teamscorpion Zero.Mechanic. With the right keys lit up, you can always be sure of your next move.
Team scorpion Zpher mechanic is developed using premium materials to ensure maximum performance and durability. It ergonomic designed support pad equipped with anti skid feature ensure stability during intense gaming scenario.